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Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe?

How much would consulting cost your business? Thousands, right? With Excellent Standard, you get unlimited digital mentorship plus premium contracts and templates that you can copy and paste for your own use for just $99 per month.

Who's this for?

Business owners, professionals in sales, marketing, demand generation, Human Resources, and more.

What do I get?

Unlimited access to digital mentorship and +300 (and counting) carefully-crafted templates and contracts.

Can I see some samples?

Yes. View our template samples to see what contracts are included with your subscription.

Are there any contracts?

Nope. You can select the monthly plan and cancel anytime.

Is digital mentorship unlimited?

Yes. Just click, "Ask Mentor" and you will get helped by someone within 1-3 business days. You can ask a business mentor as many questions as you need.

What if I need private mentorship?

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Get unlimited mentoring + templates.

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