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We are a consulting firm focused on solutions and bound by our shared values and beliefs. We prioritize attracting, nurturing, and developing EXCELLENT colleagues which allows us to deliver impactful transformations to our clients.

"My secret weapon. I am recommending you to everyone."


Our company employs a strategic approach to consulting, guiding clients towards success through tailored solutions and insightful analysis.


By integrating values into every aspect of our work, we foster a culture of trust, synergy, and exceptional results for our clients.


By meticulously aligning our strategies with client goals, we pave the path for sustainable growth, achievement, and results.



Professional assessment and determination of the value of assets for businesses and individuals.


Systematic recording, organizing, and maintenance of financial transactions and records for businesses.

Business Consulting

Expert advice, analysis, and guidance to scale operations, solve problems, and achieve strategic objectives for sustainable growth and success.

Claim Consulting

Managing the reimbursement for damages caused by covered losses, typically to property, assets, or personal belongings. 

Construction Planning

Build-Back strategy to take your asset from where it's appraised now, to a higher value once we implement our strategies.

Credit Card Processing

Facilitating electronic payments made with credit or debit cards, including authorization, transaction processing, and settlement.

Executive Coaching

Providing personalized guidance, support, and development opportunities to senior-level executives and business owners.

Lead Generation

Strategies and techniques aimed at identifying and attracting potential customers or clients for businesses.


Granting licenses to use intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, or copyrights, in exchange for specified terms and conditions, often including royalties.


The facilitation of constructive communication and negotiation between disputing parties by a neutral third-party mediator, aiming to reach mutually acceptable resolutions outside of court.


We represent clients in discussions and bargaining processes to reach agreements, resolve conflicts, and achieve favorable outcomes in various business or personal contexts.

Training & Development

Design and delivery of educational programs, workshops, and resources to enhance the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals or groups within organizations.

Do You Struggle With:

Hiring consultants who end up wasting your time and resources.

Hiring consultants who fail to deliver tangible results, hindering your progress and investment.

Hiring consultants who fail to communicate effectively or respond to phone calls, causing delays and disruptions in project execution.

Value Proposition

X Factor

Leverage our deep knowledge and experience to acquire unparalleled insights and solutions.


Launch the next wave of  innovative strategies and tailored solutions to achieve your goals faster.

With Respect

We are different in how we view our customers. We believe everyone signed under our firm is an extension of our family.

We Get It

Hiring consultants can be hard. With +400 clients since 2019, it's no wonder the best companies trust us.

How It Works

Step One - Select a list of any of our services.

During our meeting we will conduct a thorough analysis to identify areas for improvement.

We will propose a customized proposal and action plan tailored to your goals.

When you're ready, sign our agreement and/or pay your deposit to officially begin.

Message From CEO

I came up with the name for Excellent Standard during an executive training session when I worked at the University of Miami. The training was done by the Disney Institute and they kept talking about how excellence is the most important thing in business. I said to myself, one day I will run my own business and apply excellence to every aspect. In 2019 I set out to do just that. Excellent Standard runs on values of integrity, ethics, respect, and of course, excellence. I am more than excited to be of service to you and bring those values into our work.


Unlock Your Potential

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Excellent Standard was founded in 2019 as a consulting firm focused on serving USA clients. Today we are a global presence with Fortune 100 clients as well as individuals and companies of all sizes.


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